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Trivago Hackathon @Palma di Maiorca

From 24th to 26th of October 2019, I had the chance to join the Trivago Hackathon H4CK TH3 i5L4ND! the scope of this year’s Hackathon was SUSTAINABILITY  and I was in a team with one of my collegue, Allessandro Cosimati, and with two other guys from Trivago:  Raúl and Alessandro.

We made a 2 days of hackathon super intense and super productive. I really liked the brainstorming session, the build of the user journey path, the presentation… and at the end we made a super cool prototype of an App that enable users to collect and report garbage around your area! We score third… but I think our idea was amazing and well defined!

I want also to thank all the people from Trivago that help us during our stay and that were super friendly! Just some names that I must mention: Chiara Cipollone, Cezar Tarbuzan and Tiziana Toscano from the Trivago Office


Pizzeria L’artista 

Take away Paella (don’t remember the shop…)

Take away Sushi: Urbansushi

If you are hungry late night: Grillmeister

Live music and dance: Shamrock

Breakfast + Launch: Donde el paisi

DevTEST Conference NORTH 2019

I was at DevTEST Conference NORTH 2019 with Annarita in Leeds. We had a talk titled “Adapt and Adopt a tester”. A good talk at an high-level conference with professional speakers.



Computer vintage club in Rome

Some vintage computers organized by

Amsterdam Codemotion 2019

Some photos from the Codemotion 2019 in Amsterdam. I’ve spoken there with Annarita De Biase with a talk titled “The story of unconventional testing solution“.

Why, how a software tester may, or may not, develop a software solution for the needs of the company, to elevate the profile of a tester and to have fun.