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Quality Assurance Software tester, Electronic engineer, this part of the site is not as regularly updated as the Italian one, but I’ll try anyway to provide it with stuff you may find interesting. If you want to know who I am, or what’s my work, here is My curriculum.

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There is a saying among those who work with code”When it comes to code optimization, never do code optimization!” of this same saying there is a following version that states “As far as code optimization is concerned, don’t do code optimization NOW”. The idea behind these sayings is to not waste time and effort doing […] [...]
I was used to listening to a radio show with two hosts: Sandro “Fuffo” Bernardini and Nicole Fondato. Then, for various reasons, they stopped broadcasting and started making a podcast on Spreaker. From 8 to 9 it goes live and then you can listen to it like any normal podcast. So I decided to use […] [...]
Audio Streaming technology can be of different protocols but mostly Icecast and Shoutcast, while this post does not want to highlight the pro and cons of one versus the other, we want to share a solution for streaming clients running in Linux, via a terminal.  Linux is an operating system not easy, but with a […] [...]
How to create a video stream for twitch with only an audio stream coming from a web radio. [...]
As a Digital Streaming Specialist for a web radio (Radio Città Aperta) I do have new challenges and issues to solve. In a big broadcasting company there is always the choice between “do or buy?” but when your world is small, without funding, and with a lot of enthusiasm but little time, you need to […] [...]
As a hobby, I’m the “software handyman” in a web radio (also a speaker to be honest). In my spare time, I try to find solutions and cool stuff for all the digital problems related to this activity. It could be something that needs to be automated or some cool stuff on the website. This […] [...]
If you manage a Web Radio, if you are an IT consultant, or you’re just the “one of the tech guys” behind the scenes of such a radio, keep in mind the following suggestions. There could be some part of the web integration with your site that may result in future problems or a lot […] [...]
I know that downloading and converting video is an old-style procedure that, at the moment, it seems useless and time-consuming. But my PlayStation 3 still works like a charm and I can watch a movie while seating on the couch using the controller as a remote, so quite better than a computer on my legs […] [...]
ezstream is a command line source client software that can stream audio with/without reconding to an icecast or shoutcast server. In its basic mode of operation, it streams media files or data from standard input without reencoding and thus requires only very little CPU resources. It can also use various external decoders and encoders to reencode from one format […] [...]
Create a video content from an audio file and a default video with ffmpeg [...]
How to listen your microphone with your speaker? How can you direct, or redirect, input from microphone to a different audio device? Using your mac there is a freeware that you can download, it’s called Audio Monitor. The MTCoreAudio framework is a Cocoa-flavored Objective-C wrapping around the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) of Apple’s CoreAudio library. […] [...]
If you play with streaming, podcast, mixing, webradio or you want to setup an audio recording studio at home you may find difficult to get audio from some sources and record or use in your live set.  While in a real analog world, this can be solved with cables and mixers, by splitting some output […] [...]
I have a radio show and I’m also one of the people much involved in all the tech-related stuff in the Radio. There are multiple system that automatically, and manually, record the podcast of a show, upload it online and similar stuff. Sometimes the recorded podcasts have some problems, typically: The audio of the left […] [...]
30 minutes Webinair about: WebRadio, FM Radio, streaming and similiar stuff. Some resources on How to start your webradio. [...]
Since October 3, 2019 Chrome is gradually rolling out the new security feature that will block mixed content in the websites (info here). So that, if you have a webradio site in https and your streaming is in http, then none will listen to your webradio stream in your site. This is gradually happening at […] [...]
TL;DR jump to UPDATE DAY#3 there is the solution I’ve found for this problem. Stuff like “looking for linux drivers” can make you incredible sad and happy at the same time. I’m helping out a friend of mine to setup a wifidongle on his raspberry pi. The product seems to be a TP Link AC600 […] [...]
From 24th to 26th of October 2019, I had the chance to join the Trivago Hackathon H4CK TH3 i5L4ND! the scope of this year’s Hackathon was SUSTAINABILITY  and I was in a team with one of my collegue, Allessandro Cosimati, and with two other guys from Trivago:  Raúl and Alessandro. We made a 2 days […] [...]
  I was at DevTEST Conference NORTH 2019 with Annarita in Leeds. We had a talk titled “Adapt and Adopt a tester”. A good talk at an high-level conference with professional speakers. https://www.mirobarsa.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/National-Software-Testing-Conference-North-Leeds%202019-small.mp4     [...]
Video of my talk at the British Museum for the National Software Test conference, May 2019 https://www.mirobarsa.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/national-sw-conf-london-2019.mp4 [...]
This year, at least, I’ll be at Codemotion 2019 in Rome and in Amsterdam.. See you there, it’ll be amazing! (maybe not, but at least fun…)     [...]
During my life I was also a camera operator during a concert. There were a concert in the Radio I’ve collaborated for and I was with the camera during the concert.  We had 3 camera, 2 fixed and I had the mobile one. Unfortunately during the recording, the director didn’t catch the fact the my […] [...]
This article first appear on Medium here Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a fully managed message queuing service from Amazon. If you want to integrate it, you may also want to test if it works. SQS has probably a sandbox to test it but if you don’t want to get stuck searching for it, or you […] [...]
How to record audio from Sound card, with ffmpg, php and wordpress. A solution by Miro Barsa for radio podcast. [...]